"What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?"

Is it a hacker? A virus? Definitely not the dawn, and probably not someone you'd want in your network. Web, email, intranet, internet… it's all connected, all vulnerable, and all your responsibility to protect when it comes risk management for your clients. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?

At Lexan Systems, we don't think luck has anything to do with it. With rock solid products, extensive knowledge and experience, we can put a stop to any leaks, cracks or Grand Canyons that exist in your security system. Say "NO" to worries, sleepless nights and ending up on the evening news because thousands of credit card numbers have been exposed (or some other nightmare just like that!).

Our services are here so you can focus on the business of creating more business. Now wouldn't that be a nice change?

Web Security

The world wide web has become more dangerous than an urban war zone.  Between Spyware, Trojans, Phishing, Identity Theft, Viruses, and even Ransomware, employees using the web is like running through a mine field.  Traditional firewalls and Anti-Virus products do not protect against many of these rapidly evolving threats and businesses are using specialized systems to protect their employees from these threats.  We offer best of bread technology to resolve this evolving threat.

Email Security

Intelligent viruses?  Image-based spam?  Keeping ahead of the email game is an Olympic-sized challenge.  That’s why Lexan Systems L.L.C. only uses best of breed solutions.  To help you stay more-than-one step ahead of the bad guys,   we’ve got an arsenal full of anti-virus, anti-virus, and double-top-secret encryption products.  Throw in our knowledge and experience, and you’re virtually bulletproof!

Information Leak Protection

Businesses are generating more data than ever before, they are also finding it increasingly difficult to protect that data from leaving their organization.  Wither you want to protect your payroll information from leaving your organization, or your grand mother's apple pie recipe from getting out of your hands, we can help make sure that does not happen.

Instant Messenger Security

Like email and web security, instant messaging can create major holes in your security system where worms, virus and other pests can enter.  And once they’re in, boy do they spread!  Lexan Solutions, L.L.C. stops the buggers dead in their tracks with top-grade solutions that control and monitor instant messaging.  Say goodbye to vulnerability and let the instant messaging begin!

Data Encryption

Privacy Acts and Disclosure Laws are a necessary part of business today, making you accountable to reduce or eliminate invasion or data loss on hard drives, mobile units or junked computers.  Lexan Systems, L.L.C. provides data encryption solutions to keep you in compliance and out of newspaper headlines.

End Point Security

Data has also become mobile (think FireWire, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.), and connecting external devices to business computers can leave you open to malicious attacks and stolen data.  Lexan Systems, L.L.C. offers end point security solutions that help you see the entrance and exit points of your network system.

Remote Access

Encrypted connections through cable, DSL or ISPs allows business to run around-the clock, keeping telecommuters, business partners, and contractors all in the loop.  Lexan Systems, L.L.C. has the products to make sure that remote access is safe, secure, and effective.

Backup & Recovery

Data, data, who’s got the data?  Sometimes protecting or recovering sensitive data seems more like a game than a matter of business.  Whether protecting your information from inside or outside threats, human invasion or machine malfunction, you have to be certain that your data will be where you need when you need it.   

With Lexan Systems, L.L.C., your precious asset will be safe, secure, and always within reach to authorized personnel.  Go on! Get back to the business of running your business!

Web Vulnerability Audits

Your web applications are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for hackers to find cross site scripting, sql injection, and other vulnerabilities in your website.  Latest studies show 70% of websites are vulnerable and at immediate risk of being hacked while 91% of these websites contained some form of vulnerability.  To avoid fines as high as 500k many ecommerce providers look at our Web Vulnerability Scanning.   Lexan Systems can scan out of the box applications as well as the most complicated custom web site/application for vulnerabilities and discuss how you can resolve them either to protect your data, customers credit card information, reputation, or for compliance reasons.

Firewall Assessments

Like the moat surrounding the castle, a firewall is a must-have method of protecting your network.  But just because you have it doesn’t mean it’s working as well as it could be.  Lexan Solutions, L.L.C. can audit your current firewall configuration and offer solutions to strengthen this all-important first line of defense. 

Security Audits

There are many possible scenarios in which poor security leads to some form of legal liability. For example, hackers generally use ill-protected networks as base camps to launch attacks on other targets, so your network can indirectly become involved in e-crimes. If you fail to protect confidential client information, or if a system-crash due to poor security results in delivery failure of critical items, e.g., medical goods, your organization may become liable. Therefore, it’s important to demonstrate that you’ve taken steps to protect your assets, and a security audit is usually the first step.

Two Factor Authentication Consulting

Long gone are the days of a password-only security system.  That’s where two-factor authentication comes in.  Let Lexan, L.L.C. bring you up-to-date on the pros and cons of this inventive security solution and help you decide if it’s right for you. 



"I had the pleasure to partner with Christopher on a project for my current employer. I found Chris to be extremely well versed with the subject matter of the project. In this case it was for a project to implement an antivirus product. Chris is personable, easy to work with, an excellent teacher, a clear communicator, extremely intelligent. Once the project was completed Chris made it easy to gain access to him and his knowledge. The follow up process was smooth and uneventful. Chris is also very patient when dealing with people who are not as well versed in his area of expertise as he is. It was a great pleasure to work with him. I was pleased to have the opportunity to work with him"


Kevin Brown, Information Technology Manager
Davis Vision

did you know?

It is estimated that PC Viruses cost businesses approximately $55 Billion in damages in 2003.

• Trend Micro