Welcome to Lexan Systems L.L.C.

At Lexan Systems we minimize risk and exposure for corporate networks by protecting information and data assets.

With over ten years experience in the business of network and data security, we're proud to say:

  • All of our products are tested and tried, so we know they work!
  • We navigate the technology curve like Tony Hawk works a half pipe
  • Best of Breed solutions are all we offer, that's it, nothing else. And helping you find the one that fits … well, that's what we do best.

There will be no up-sell, or even worse, a wrong sell (YIKES!). Our commitment is to sell you the product (and ONLY the product) that offers you the best solution. And if we can't find it, we'll build it. Believe us when we say "We've got your back!".


"I have been a customer of Lexan Systems for over a year, and all of their products and services have been fantastic. Their security consulting is by far the best our company has ever hired, and their hosting and email solutions are exceptional. The best though, is the customer support which exceeds any expectations you might have. They are prompt, diligent, and will be there for you at every step of the way."


Eli Portnoy, CEO
Emerging Demographics Inc.