Welcome to Lexan Systems L.L.C.

At Lexan Systems we minimize risk and exposure for corporate networks by protecting information and data assets.

Best of breed solutions enterprise information security & data security are all we offer, that's it, nothing else. And helping you find the one that fits … well, that's what we do best.

With over ten years experience in the business of network security and data security, we've tried all of our products (so we know they work!), we're leaps and bounds ahead of the technology curve, and we maintain a "take no prisoners" attitude when it comes to protecting your company!

You Wouldn't Leave Your Car Unlocked…

So why is your corporate network exposed? It seems like a silly idea: customer data, financial info, and company documents, all free for the taking by someone less than ethical. But it happens more often than you think, and most companies report they "never saw it coming."

Some of our tools:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus Protection
  • MX Police Managed Anti-Spam
  • IronPort Anti-Spam Protection
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Juniper Firewalls & UTM Devices
  • Juniper SSL VPN Remote Access Solutions
  • Web Vulnerability Scanning
  • Safend End Point Security
  • WebSense Web Security
  • RSA Two Factor Authentication
  • Vulnerability Audits
  • MS Exchange Email Archiving
  • More...

So How Sure Are You?

If you were asked to rate the safety of your network security, what would you say? Eight? Nine? Zero? Frankly, isn´t anything other than a big, bold TEN less than acceptable? We think "TEN" is a requirement, and believe you should insist that it is too.