Email Security Equals Business Security

With the exponential growth in the amount of business that is conducted over the Internet, email security is of utmost importance. In addition to malicious viruses that can cause thousands of dollars in damage and lost productivity, spam can provide a means for cybercriminals to enter your computer system, resulting in stolen data and irreparable damage. Once these miscreants compromise your email security, they can access private information or hack into your website, shutting it down completely or changing it in ways that can result in lost time, money, and sales. Spam bots can be placed on your system, enabling spammers to exploit your resources and send spam from your IP address. This is why an anti-malware package with a good spam filter is so important.

Gartner Predictions said that 75% of businesses would be infected by malware by the end of 2007. The number of criminals who use spam to conduct their crimes continues to grow. The odds of avoiding attack are against any business that does not have a strong anti-malware package with an up-to-date spam filter in place to ensure email security. According to Sophos, 6,000 new web pages are infected every day, and yours could be next.  Moreover, it could be days or weeks before you even find out.

Use the Best Anti-Malware Package to Ensure Email Security

With so many email-based threats able to compromise your ability to run your business, you cannot afford to purchase the wrong anti-malware package. There are a number of highly sophisticated packages on the market that can guarantee email security. However, cheaper is not always better, and a poorly designed spam filter can be worse than having no protection at all. The right package is one that will evolve to meet each new Internet threat as it appears.

Just as cybercriminals make a career of finding new ways to compromise your computer security and profit from the private information on your system, anti-malware developers are also continuously developing and upgrading their products. Spam and Internet crimes are not static, and your protection should not be, either. Your spam filter should update often to meet each new threat, and your entire package should be upgraded regularly with the latest technology.   Your email security depends on it!